PCT International Search and Preliminary Examination Guidelines


Chapter 16 International Search Report

Copies of References Cited in the International Search Report

Rule 44.3

16.86  The International Searching Authority should preferably attach copies of all references cited to the copy of the international search report which is sent to the applicant. However, the preparation of such copies may be the subject of a separate request and payment of a separate fee for copies may be required. For the invitation for payment of fees Form PCT/ISA/221 may be used.

Article 20(3); Rule 44.3

16.87 The International Searching Authority or an agency responsible to it must send, upon request, copies of all references cited in the international search report to any designated Office or the applicant. Such a request may be presented any time during seven years from the international filing date under the conditions laid down in Rule 44.3. Copies of the references cited may be transmitted with Form PCT/ISA/211.