Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Article 24
Possible Loss of Effect in Designated States

(1)  Subject, in case (ii) below, to the provisions of Article 25, the effect of the international application provided for in Article 11(3) shall cease in any designated State with the same consequences as the withdrawal of any national application in that State:

(i)  if the applicant withdraws his international application or the designation of that State;

(ii)  if the international application is considered withdrawn by virtue of Articles 12(3), 14(1)(b), 14(3)(a), or 14(4), or if the designation of that State is considered withdrawn by virtue of Article 14(3)(b);

(iii)  if the applicant fails to perform the acts referred to in Article 22 within the applicable time limit.

(2)  Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (1), any designated Office may maintain the effect provided for in Article 11(3) even where such effect is not required to be maintained by virtue of Article 25(2).