Administrative Instructions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty

Section 714
Furnishing by the International Bureau of Copies of Documents
Kept in Electronic Form; Designated Offices’ Signature Requirements

(a)  Where any International Searching Authority, International Preliminary Examining Authority or designated Office has not notified the International Bureau in accordance with Rule 89bis.1(d) or Section 705bis(a) that it is prepared to process international applications in electronic form, the International Bureau shall furnish to that Office or Authority a copy on paper of any document which is kept by the International Bureau in electronic form and which that Office or Authority is entitled to receive. The International Bureau may also, upon request by the Authority or Office concerned, furnish such copy in electronic form.

(b)  Any designated Office32 may require that any document or correspondence submitted to it by the applicant in electronic form be signed by the applicant using a type of electronic signature specified by it in accordance with Annex F

32.  Editor’s Note: "Designated Offices" necessarily includes elected Offices.