Administrative Instructions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty

 Section 111
Procedure and Considerations in the Case of Excuse of the Delay in Meeting
Certain Time Limits under Rule 82quater 

(a) Where the receiving Office, the International Searching Authority, the Authority specified for supplementary search, the International Preliminary Examining Authority, or the International Bureau receives a request under Rule 82quater for the excuse of a delay in meeting a time limit, it shall promptly:

(i) communicate its decision whether or not to excuse such a delay to the interested party; and

(ii) where applicable, transmit a copy of such a request, a copy of any evidence furnished and of its decision to the International Bureau.

(b) An interested party desiring to have delays excused due to general unavailability of electronic communications services must establish that the outage of electronic communications services affected a widespread geographical area rather than being a localized problem, that it was unexpected or unforeseen, and that there was no alternative communication means available to him.