Administrative Instructions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty


Section 101
Abbreviated Expressions and Interpretation

(a)  In these Administrative Instructions:

 (i) "Treaty" means the Patent Cooperation Treaty;

(ii) "Regulations" means the Regulations under the Treaty;

(iii)"Article" means an Article of the Treaty;

(iv) "Rule" means a Rule of the Regulations;

(v) "International Bureau" means the International Bureau as defined in Article 2(xix) of the Treaty;

(vi) "International Authorities" means the receiving Offices, the International Searching Authorities, the International Preliminary Examining Authorities, and the International Bureau;

(vii) "Annex" means an Annex to these Administrative Instructions, unless the contrary clearly follows from the wording or the nature of the provision, or the context in which the word is used;

(viii) "Form" means a Form contained in Annex A;

(ix) "WIPO Standard" means a Standard established by the World Intellectual Property Organization;

(x) "Director General" means the Director General as defined in Article 2(xx) of the Treaty;

(xi) "electronic" technology includes that having electrical, digital, magnetic, optical or electromagnetic capabilities;

(xii) the expressions “sequence listing”, “sequence listing forming part of the international application” and “sequence listing not forming part of the international application” have the same meaning as in Annex C.

(b)  The Annexes are part of these Administrative Instructions.