Transmission of paper documents to and from the International Bureau during the COVID-19 pandemic

March 30, 2020

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the operations of the International Bureau and of postal systems worldwide, the International Bureau, also in its function as receiving Office, has  suspended the sending of PCT documents (e.g. PCT Forms, letters) on paper. Until further notice, the International Bureau will transmit documents only via email in order to use reliable means for correspondence with applicants and agents. Please note that PCT-related documents in relation to individual applications are visible through ePCT or, after international publication, on PATENTSCOPE.

PCT users who have not yet provided the International Bureau with an email address in relation to their international application(s), are encouraged to provide such information urgently by:

  1. populating the information directly in relation to one of their pending international applications in ePCT if you have the relevant access rights for the international application;
  2. using the PCT Contingency upload service;
  3. sending an email to one of the following addresses: or; or
  4. using the WIPO (PCT) customer Contact Us page

For detailed instructions on how to provide your information in ePCT, please consult the following webpage on electronic communication methods with the International Bureau and refer to ePCT FAQs. Should you require assistance, please contact:

Furthermore, due to reduced postal services and scanning operations at the International Bureau, all PCT users are urged to communicate with the International Bureau exclusively by electronic means. The best means for communicating electronically with the International Bureau is through ePCT.

Equivalent measures are being taken in the Madrid and Hague Systems; for further information please refer to the respective webpages for these registration systems.