COVID-19 Pandemic: International Bureau and International Bureau as Receiving Office Remain Open for the Purposes of Filing and Processing of PCT Applications

March 17, 2020

As from 17 March 2020, WIPO put in place remote working arrangements for most of its staff; some essential staff are still working on WIPO premises.  As a result, at this time, the International Bureau (IB) and the IB as receiving Office remain open for the purposes of filing and processing PCT applications.  For further information, please refer to Press Release PR/847/2020.

If you have not already done so, you are advised to check with other Offices with which you conduct PCT‑related business to see if they have published any notices relevant to COVID‑19.

In addition, please refer to the “Practical Advice” in the coming issue of the PCT Newsletter for information about possible remedies in the case of missed time limits where the PCT Office with which an action needs to be taken is exceptionally closed, or if the applicant’s or agent’s company/firm is forced to close temporarily.