PCT One million and counting - Quotes (DuPont)

Why does your company use the PCT?

"The DuPont Company extends its heartiest congratulations to the World Intellectual Property Organization on receiving its one-millionth application filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Since its inception, the PCT has facilitated international protection of scientific innovations for inventors around the world. The PCT has provided DuPont and other users an effective way to preserve the opportunity to file for international patent protection, as well as a greatly simplified and streamlined process of search and examination to obtain that protection. More recently, the increased popularity of the PCT has presented new challenges to balance an increased workload on the search and examination authorities with a continuing need to provide PCT users with improved quality at a reasonable price. The DuPont Company is optimistic that the WIPO will meet these challenges and will continue to facilitate the improvement of international patent protection, as it begins to receive the first of its second millionth PCT application."

Michael Walker,
Associate General Counsel
Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company