Instructions for Completing and Printing Editable PDF PCT Forms

Accessing forms online

Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software available from must be integrated with your web browser to enable you to complete any PCT forms online.  The editable versions of PCT Forms have been created with Adobe Acrobat 8, and have been tested with Acrobat Reader 10.0.  It is recommended to upgrade to Acrobat Reader 10.0, making sure to uninstall any previous versions first. Such integration may also depend on your individual computing and browsing environment and any browser-related problems must be addressed by your own information technology experts, and cannot be resolved by WIPO.  According to Adobe, you may need to upgrade your browser version as well.  Occasionally users may have difficulty printing or even opening complex forms online. If this occurs, please try saving the form to your hard disk (select "Save As" or "Save Link As" by clicking on the right-hand mouse button while hovering on the hyperlink to the desired form) and then open and complete the form locally.

Completing the form

Open the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

Once the form is open, with the left-hand mouse button, click on the field to be completed, and insert your text. Once the information has been entered, click outside the field that has just been completed or press "tab" to move to the next field. When completing check boxes simply click in the box with the mouse and an "X" will appear. To remove the "X" click in the box again.

Please be sure to verify that the full text is visible on the printed sheet once the form has been completed. This is particularly important where several lines of text, either addresses, information in the supplementary sheet or a declarations sheet have been filled in. Inserting paragraph returns using the "enter" key may push the text out of the available space, effectively causing it to disappear from the form. To check whether the contents of a field are visible, simply press "tab" or click outside the field. If the inserted text is not visible, try deleting some of the paragraph returns or reinserting the text.

Printing the form

Once the form is complete, click anywhere on the form, or press "tab" to close the last field that was filled in. Go to "print" either in the "file" menu or by selecting the print icon. Once the print dialogue box is open, select the "fit to page" option. This ensures that the page that you see on the screen will correspond to the page printed by your printer. Failure to select this option may result in part of the form not being printed.

Further information and help

If you need additional assistance completing the editable forms, you may wish to consult the FAQ's About Editable PCT Forms or e-mail us at

FAQs About Editable PCT Forms

Why can I not see the form on my screen when I try to access it? All I see is just a blank screen stating "document done"?

This is most likely a browser integration problem. Try saving the form to your hard disk by hovering over the hyperlink, right clicking on the mouse and selecting "Save As" or "Save Link As". Then open and complete the form locally using Adobe Acrobat. You may also wish to upgrade both the version of the browser you are using and the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader you have installed.

Why does the form not calculate the fees automatically?

In certain cases, PCT applicants must pay fees in more than one currency, therefore the automatic calculation features of Adobe Acrobat cannot be used in the fee calculation sheet.

Why do the pages in the forms not number automatically?

It is not possible to do this for the Request form because the number of pages varies depending on the number of supplementary sheets and declarations sheets.