Information concerning emergency preparedness plans

Following discussions at the eighth session of the Working Group on Reform of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (from May 8 to 12, 2006), concerning various actions and measures that the International Bureau could take in order to ensure the continuity of essential PCT services and to safeguard the rights of PCT applicants, the International Bureau has collected and makes available this collection of  emergency preparedness plans from the following countries/offices:

  • Armenia PDF
  • Austria PDF
  • Barbados PDF
  • Belarus PDF
  • Canada PDF
  • European Patent Office PDF
  • France (in French) PDF
  • Greece PDF
  • Hungary PDF
  • Israel PDF
  • Lithuania PDF
  • Madagascar (in French) PDF
  • Netherlands PDF
  • Philippines PDF
  • Poland  PDF
  • Republic of Moldova PDF
  • Russian Federation PDF
  • Slovakia PDF
  • Slovenia PDF
  • Switzerland (in French) PDF
  • United Kingdom PDF
  • Uzbekistan PDF

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