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Year Title Author Country / Territory Topic Language Links
2020A Dose of InnovationIP Australia, Patent Analytics HubAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2020Meat Expectations: Innovation Trends for Substitute MeatIP Australia, Patent Analytics HubAustraliaFood and agricultureEnglish

2019Emerging Technologies in Complex Disease Diagnosis – An Interactive Patent Analytics ReportIP AustraliaAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2019Hidden Gems: A Patent Analytics Study on Innovation in the Australian Mining SectorAustralian IP Office AustraliaClimate change / EnergyEnglish

2019Patent Analytics on Stem Cell Technologies Underlying Regenerative MedicineIP Australia AustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2019Patent Analytics Report on Machine Learning InnovationIP Australia AustraliaICT technologiesEnglish

2018Blockchain Innovation: A Patent Analytics ReportIP AustraliaAustraliaICT technologiesEnglish

2018Patent Analytics Report: Overview of Algal TechnologiesIP AustraliaAustraliaFood and agricultureEnglish

2018Patent Analytics Report: Recording BrainwavesIP AustraliaAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2017A Patent Analytics Study on the Australian Advanced Manufacturing IndustryIP AustraliaAustraliaOtherEnglish

2017Alzheimer’s DiseaseIP AustraliaAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2016Protein CrystalsIP AustraliaAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2015A Patent Analytics Study on the Australian Pharmaceutical IndustryIP AustraliaAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2015An intellectual property study of the Australian textiles, clothing and footwear industryIP AustraliaAustraliaOtherEnglish

2015The Australian Mining Industry: More than Just Shovels and Being the Lucky CountryIP AustraliaAustraliaOtherEnglish

2014Australian Medical Devices: A Patent Analytics ReportIP AustraliaAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2014Research Performance of University Patenting in Australia: A Pilot AssessmentIP AustraliaAustraliaOtherEnglish

2014The Australian Food Industry - A Patent Analytics ReportIP AustraliaAustraliaFood and agricultureEnglish

2012Clearing the fog: Patenting trends for the treatment of Alzheimer disease (with a cluster analysis)Griffith HackAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2009Australian Solar Innovation: Losing our Place in the SunGriffith HackAustraliaClimate change / EnergyEnglish

2009Clean Coal Technologies, Where Does Australia Stand?Griffith HackAustraliaClimate change / EnergyEnglish

2009Who Holds the Power? Lessons from Hybrid Car Innovation for Clean TechnologiesGriffith HackAustraliaClimate change / EnergyEnglish

2008The Rice GenomeCambiaAustraliaFood and agricultureEnglish

2007Human Telomerase Gene (Cancer Diagnostics and Stem Cell Uses)CambiaAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2006Bioindicator systemsCambiaAustraliaFood and agricultureEnglish

2006Influenza GenomeCambiaAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2004Analysis of “Junk DNA” PatentsCambiaAustraliaPublic health / Life sciencesEnglish

2004Positive Selection for Plant TransformationCambiaAustraliaFood and agricultureEnglish

2004Resistance to PhosphinothricinCambiaAustraliaFood and agricultureEnglish

2003Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of PlantsCambiaAustraliaFood and agricultureEnglish

2003Antibiotic Resistance Genes and their Uses in Plant Genetic TransformationCambiaAustraliaFood and agricultureEnglish

2003Promoters Used to Regulate Gene ExpressionCambiaAustraliaFood and agricultureEnglish