Markush search now available in PATENTSCOPE

September 13, 2021

Markush structures are representations of chemical structures with variable substituents that are used in patent documents to specify groups of related chemical compounds, often in order to claim them as part of the scope of a filed patent application (also referred to as Markush claims).

Markush definitions are now indexed for the first time in PATENTSCOPE and it is possible to search all chemical compounds referred to in patent documents, either when they were listed explicitly by any name (commercial name, IUPAC name, INN,…) in the text of the patent application, given by a drawing of a structure, or when they fall within a Markush definition included in a patent application.

Exact compound searches in Markush definitions can also be mixed using Boolean logic with any other search criteria and logic. The implemented Markush search functionality also offers expert functionalities (substructure Markush search, fuzzy Markush search) which are an introduction to the level of complexity of search offered by fee-based professional systems, with some limitations, notably on response times.

Markush search is available in PATENTSCOPE, free of charge for logged-in users: a WIPO account can be created from the Login menu in the top black navigation bar. Markush formulas are captured by Clarivate and licensed to WIPO, while the Markush search functionality has been implemented by Infochem, part of the DeepMatter group.

The coverage of the indexed Markush definitions consists of the collection of the IP5 and of the published PCT applications. Regular updates are uploaded every three months. With the recent PATENTSCOPE family links, documents from other national collections will also be included in the search result lists.

The implementation of the Markush search in PATENTSCOPE makes such a search feature available free of charge and accessible to all the users for the first time worldwide and will empower universities and SMEs in their innovation activity, and notably in the field of medicine to fight the current pandemic.