National Collection of Kazakhstan, Estonian Full-Text and New NPL Now Available in Patentscope

April 27, 2021

The national patent collection of Kazakhstan is now available in WIPO’s global patent search system PATENTSCOPE. It includes over 27,400 documents, more than 21,000 of which are full-text (OCR) in Russian. This brings to 72 the number of national/regional collections available in PATENTSCOPE. About the national collection of Estonia, in addition to the front file, full-text (OCR) of some documents is now also available in PATENTSCOPE.

New NPL content is now searchable in PATENTSCOPE: over 62,000 Wikipedia articles filtered using an in-house algorithm*.


*if non-relevant content from Wikipedia is displayed in the result list, the feedback button just below the top black navigation bar is available to inform the PATENTSCOPE team about such inappropriate content.