Non-Patent Literature Now Available in PATENTSCOPE

March 2, 2021

The integration of non-patent literature (NPL) in PATENTSCOPE has now started with the open access (OA) content on, a part of publisher Springer Nature, which includes content from some of the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journals. Over 54,000 documents (biblio and full-text) are now searchable in PATENTSCOPE.

A new button to include the NPL in the result list is now available in:

1. The advanced search and the Field Combination interfaces

2. The result list: the refine options is available upon clicking on Include NPL

NPL information integrated in the result list is ranked by relevance together with the patent documents that match the search performed. All the PATENTSCOPE search features are available to perform searches in the NPL in PATENTSCOPE, as well as WIPO Translate for the translation of the articles

NPL search fields (the NPL box has to be ticked before entering the fields):

Field Information retrieved
AU: Hyojin Kim author, Hyojin Kim for example, of the article
CTR:ZZ only NPL information search criteria.
DP:(30.12.2020) publication date, December 30th, 2020 for example.
DTY:NPL all NPL the records
EN_AB: (electric bicycle) information in the abstract of the article, electric bicycle for example
EN_DE: (electric bicycle) information in the article, electric bicycle for example
EN_TI: (electric bicycle) information in the title of article, electric bicycle for example
IC: G06F code IPC, G06F for example (assigned by an AI procedure)
JO: (British Journal of Cancer) publisher of the article, for example, the British Journal of Cancer
PN: 10.1038/s41416-019-0673-5 publication number of the article, for example: 10.1038/s41416-019-0673-5
PU: Nature source of NPL, for example Nature

In the Analysis in the result list, NPL information is available in the Kind code column

In the future, more sources of OA content will also become available in PATENTSCOPE.