New National Collections and Global Dossier Information Now Available in Patentscope

December 15, 2020

The national patent collections of the Czech Republic, former Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Serbia, Slovakia and Sweden are now available in WIPO’s global patent search system PATENTSCOPE

The collections of the Czech Republic and former Czechoslovakia include over 437,000 records; the collection of the Netherlands contains over 216,000 records; the Serbian collection includes almost 15,000 records; the Slovak collection contains over 33,000 records; and the Swedish collection contains almost 190,000 records.

This brings to 69 the number of national/regional collections available in PATENTSCOPE. The collections of the Soviet Union and German Democratic Republic now count as individual collections: before they were included in, respectively, the national collection of the Russian Federation and Germany. This reflects the distinct two letter codes for those former states in the WIPO standard ST.3.

4 million Japanese utility models are now also available in PATENTSCOPE. To access the Japanese utility models use the following query: CTR:JP and ( DTY:U OR DTY:Y OR DTY:U? OR DTY:Y?).

The Global Dossier information from India, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea is also now available in PATENTSCOPE.