Over 50 Million Patent Documents and Data in Korean now available in PATENTSCOPE

November 19, 2015

Patent data in Korean of the national patent collection of the Republic of Korea is now available in WIPO’s global patent search system PATENTSCOPE.

It includes about 3,400,000 records: bibliographic data, searchable full-text and drawings in Korean with front file data in the new WIPO standard ST96 PDF. Regarding new data, it will become available within a month after their first publication in KIPRIS, the patent search system of the Korean Patent Office (KIPO). For users who do not know the Korean language, the in-house developed tool CLIR will allow them to search in the descriptions and claims in Korean.

The addition of patent data in Korean of the Republic of Korea brings to:

  • over 50 million the total number of patent documents
  • 5 the number of IP5 offices whose full-text is searchable

in the PATENTSCOPE search system.