Decommissioning of the "classic" PATENTSCOPE and the new PATENTSCOPE 2.0

September 22, 2011

After 8 years of good service, the " classic" PATENTSCOPE search interface will be phased out on 13 October 2011 and all search requests made to the old interface will be redirected to the new PATENTSCOPE system. The two systems have been running in parallel since September 2009 to give end users the time to switch to the new system and most of the requests are now executed by the new system.

The new system is designed to support all the "classic" PATENTSCOPE features, fields and search syntax, therefore the migration of the remaining users is expected to be straighforward.

Making use of the latest developments in open source search and web technologies, the new system also offers new functionality and improved collections coverage with competitive maintenance and development costs.

Please consult our FAQs for more detailed information.