PATENTSCOPE® Data Products, Full-text search available in Japanese

June 2, 2008

As from July 3 rd, 2008, the PATENTSCOPE® search service will support keyword search in the Japanese language. The searchable Japanese text data includes the descriptions and claims of published PCT International Applications electronically filed in Japanese and published on or after July 3 rd, 2008, as well as all the titles and majority of abstracts of international applications published in text since 2004.  The Japanese text data will also be available, on a weekly basis, via our FTP data delivery service, for all Offices and companies that have subscribed to this service. 

This enhancement improves access to Japanese PCT international applications, which make up 16% of all applications filed in the past 4 years.  Japanese is the second most used language of filing after English, and several of the most frequent users of the PCT system are Japanese companies.

This brings to six the number of languages in which full-text data search is possible; the other languages being English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.