Search Results available by RSS

May 23, 2006

Search results in PATENTSCOPE® can now be retrieved using RSS.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is used to share content from a web site or web log. An increasing number of web sites with regular updates now publish information using RSS. It is typically used by news web sites and by web logs, but is equally applicable to search results and databases - such as patent searches.

How can RSS be helpful?

RSS feeds can:

  • Notify you of the latest local and international news.
  • Notify you of updates to your favourite web sites.
  • Keep you informed of latest developments in your area of research or interest.
  • Save time - instead of browsing and looking for new information, you immediately know when new information is published.

How can I read RSS feeds?

RSS feeds are usually read with an application called an RSS reader, but there are several options available:

  • download and install a dedicated RSS reader software.
  • download and install software to integrate RSS feeds into your email program.
  • use a web-based reader such as those by Bloglines or Google.

How do I use RSS for patent searches?

When you search in PatentScope, an RSS icon appears on the search results page. Clicking on the icon takes you to a page from which you can:

  • either: copy and paste the URL into your RSS reader.
  • or: add the search to popular web-based readers using the buttons provided.

Once you have done this, the search results will be automatically updated in your RSS reader every Thursday, when new PCT applications are published.

Other possibilities

RSS feeds can be used for more than just reading the latest updates. The RSS format can be used to feed information into your own web page or into a database. For example, if you have a web page or forum on a specific technology, you could use a PatentScope RSS feed to display a list of the latest published PCT applications in your technology area.