PCT National Phase Information - Specifications

The data containing PCT national phase entry information can be provided by national offices to the International Bureau in one of the following two formats: CSV or XML.  The CSV or XML files can be transmitted by sending an e-mail attachment to patentscope@wipo.int.  Alternatively, for Offices that have already used the EDI service, the data can also be sent by EDI service.

CSV format

The CSV file should contain the following fields:

Field name Field specification Example value
Office code The ST.3 uppercase Office code for the National Office sending the data KR
PCT IA number The IA number applicable to the record supplied in ST.10/C format (full "PCT/" preamble followed by office code and four digit year and then a "/" and the six digit number. i.e., 


National application number The fully formatted National Application number. If this field contains commas it should be enclosed in quotes. 10200370000001
Status code

This field has seven possible single character values in uppercase only:

E - National Phase Entry
P - National publication
G - Grant
R - Refusal
W -Withdrawal
C - Continuation of processing after a refusal or withdrawal
D - Divisional application

Date of action The date associated with the status code in the format:



It should be noted that multiple rows for an application are allowed, i.e. in the case of an application that has entered national phase and has been published (but no grant, refusal or withdrawal has been processed) two rows are expected: one with status code E and one with status code P. Additionally there should always be a row with a Status Code of E for each application. 

  • Sample [CSV

XML format

National offices can also send data file in XML format. The XML file should comply with WIPO standard ST.36 PDF, WIPO Standard ST.36