WIPO Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

WIPO meetings may be held in a physical, virtual or hybrid format. A multi-lingual, cloud-based, virtual conferencing platform is used to enable delegates to participate remotely and interactively in WIPO's formal meetings from any country.

In a virtual meeting, all delegates connect to the meeting remotely using the virtual conferencing platform.

In a hybrid meeting, participation is mixed, i.e., delegates are either physically present on-site or participate remotely via the virtual conferencing platform. The audiovisual feeds (from both the platform and the conference room) are integrated and displayed in real time in both the physical and virtual meeting environment.

The invitation (convocation), accreditation process, and registration of delegates to WIPO virtual and hybrid meetings continues as normal through our usual registration system.

The registration form asks you to indicate whether you will be physically present at the meeting, or participating remotely.

After registration closes, each delegate participating remotely receives an email with joining instructions, a link to the meeting space and an access token. When s/he connects to the platform, s/he receives a unique authentication code via mobile phone or email, which is required to enter the meeting (this is the equivalent to badging on arrival at a physical meeting).

Please respect the registration deadline stipulated in the invitation circular to allow time for the technical two-factor authentication processes and pre-meeting individual coaching sessions.

For meetings with full interpretation, the Interprefy platform can accommodate up to 3,000 total participants, including 450 participants designated as having a speaking role ("active participation" mode).

Passive (non-speaking) participants will be able to follow the proceedings and access the “event chat”, but will not be able to request the floor, nor access the private chat functions. Their names will, however, appear on the official List of Participants for the meeting.

Yes. Live webcasting is provided as usual, and is now available in six languages. Recordings of the virtual and hybrid meetings are also available as Video-on-Demand. Live webcasting offers an easy alternative means for non-speakers to follow the proceedings in real time from outside without having to register or go through the authentication procedures for the virtual platform. (The names of people following a meeting only via the webcast do appear on the final published List of Participants.)

Read the full list of FAQs.

Registration Webcasting

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Forthcoming meetings and documents

The forthcoming meetings of WIPO's principal committees and bodies are expected to take place in hybrid format:

  • A limited number of delegates will be physically present on-site in order to comply with WIPO’s COVID19-related health and safety measures;
  • All other delegates will participate remotely via the Interprefy platform, or follow proceedings via the webcasting;
  • The Chair, the WIPO meeting team and the interpreters will be on-site in the WIPO Conference Hall.

How to use the Interprefy virtual conferencing platform

The Interprefy platform enables delegates to participate remotely and interactively in WIPO's formal meetings. It enables interpretation in the six UN official languages and provides standard functions for requesting and allowing the floor, screen sharing, and written messages ("chat").

The Interprefy user-guide for WIPO delegates PDF, Interprefy user-guide provides simple, step-by-step instructions on how to join a meeting, request the floor (for participants with speaker-level access), and use other key functions. It also contains trouble-shooting tips.

  • Internet connection: Recommended bandwidth of 4mbps up/down or higher
  • Recommended browser: Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge (avoid using Internet Explorer or Safari)
  • Headset and webcam (For participants with an active speaking role.) The use of a headset avoids problems with echoes. Plug in your headset before starting.
  • Optimal conditions: Install yourself in a quiet environment without background noise, with good lighting. Keep your microphone muted until it is your turn to speak.
  • Device: Use a desktop or laptop. If necessary – because of internet issues in certain locations – additional assistance may be requested to connect from a mobile device.
  • Connectivity test
Interprefy dashboard overview

Interprefy dashboard overview

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