WIPO Symposium on Trade Secrets and Innovation 2022

WIPO Symposium on Trade Secrets and Innovation 2022

The WIPO Symposium on Trade Secrets and Innovation provides a forum for exchanging ideas and perspectives on issues relating to the interface between trade secrets and innovation, in both technological and service sectors.

Theme of the WIPO Symposium on Trade Secrets and Innovation 2022

The 2022 Symposium will discuss the roles of trade secret systems in supporting innovation and knowledge sharing in a rapidly changing innovation ecosystem, which is increasingly international and driven by digital information.

How can you attend the WIPO Symposium on Trade Secrets and Innovation 2022?

The 2022 Symposium will be held in a hybrid format, with the possibility of attending the event virtually or in person at the Headquarters of WIPO in Geneva.  It is open to any interested party, upon registration.

May 23 and 24, 2022

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Hybrid meeting

Program of the WIPO Symposium on Trade Secrets and Innovation 2022

The live discussions will address the various legal, technical, business and policy issues relating to trade secrets in the wider context of the intellectual property system as a whole, in the context of innovation, knowledge creation and dissemination.  Close but complex interconnection between the role of patent systems, trade secret systems, and other supporting mechanisms in the changing global innovation ecosystem renders the topic particularly relevant and appealing.   

The discussions will cover the following elements:

  • The role and impact of trade secrets on innovation policies and strategies today;
  • Balancing legitimate interests in the trade secret system;
  • Trade secrets and data – scope of protection and implications;
  • Trade secrets in the international/cross-border environment;
  • Generation and licensing of trade secrets in business strategies – trade secret management for innovation and sharing of knowledge;
  • Trade secrets in development and dissemination of medical technologies
  • Trade secret enforcement and defense against allegation of trade secret misappropriation.

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How to register

Deadline for registration: May 18, 2022

Member states and observers

The Symposium is open to all WIPO member states and accredited IGOs and NGOs.

Register online

Other participants

Intellectual property professionals, academics, students and other interested circles, whose scope of activity relates to the subject of the Symposium, may also attend. Please complete the Expression of Interest form and send it to us. WIPO will contact you to confirm your registration.

Expression of interest

Practical information

Working languages of the Symposium

The working languages will be English, French and Spanish with simultaneous interpretation.

Obtaining a visa to attend the Symposium

Foreign participants requiring an entry visa for Switzerland are responsible for taking the necessary steps to obtain a visa in time. Alternatively, people can attend the event virtually.