WIPO Conference on the Global Digital Content Market

WIPO Conference on the Global Digital Content Market

This virtual WIPO conference will explore the latest developments in the creative industries sector brought about by digital technologies at worldwide level, in particular focusing on:

  • emerging new business models
  • unfolding local and global markets
  • the crucial role of IT tools from the creation of content to the management of rights
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September 16-18, 2020

The Conference will be held virtually from 12.40-15.30 Geneva time each day.

The live webcast of the Conference is available to all without registration.


The third edition of this conference, held entirely in virtual mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will feature an innovative format of live panel discussions, video insights and testimonies by key players in the creative industries.

The live discussions will address the impact of the latest digital developments on creative content and new business models in various sectors: music, publishing, film, broadcasting, video games, and fashion. The discussions will cover:

  • Music Summit: Cutting-Edge Content Offers in a Fast-Changing Landscape
  • Changing Content Landscape for Film
  • Authors and Artists in an Evolving Value Chain
  • The Global Online Art Market
  • Rights Management and Infrastructure Solutions: Driving the Future of GDCM
  • AI Lab: How AI is Transforming Creative Industries

Video insights and testimonies will complement and enlighten the discussions of the live debates.

Some creative interludes will provide entertainment and inspiration.

Day one – Wednesday, September 16, 2020

12.40 Conference goes online: Video insights and testimonies

Day 1: Opening ceremony (13.00 – 13.20)

Session 1 – Music summit: cutting-edge content offers in a fast-changing landscape (13:20 – 14:30)

With content accessible anytime and anywhere and the emergence of both mainstream and niche platforms, this session will investigate the impacts of new business models and new market players on a diversifying ecosystem, including the ever more prominent role of technology from content creation to distribution. What are the success factors to meet consumer demands around the world?

Moderator and panelists

Moderator: Amobé Mévégué
Journalist, France 24, Paris
Speaker: Adam Granite
Executive Vice President of Market Development, Universal Music Group, London
Denis Ladegaillerie
Founder and CEO, Believe, Paris
Ole Obermann
Vice President, Global Head of Music, ByteDance, London
Cussion Pang
CEO, Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Shenzhen, China

Video insights and testimonies

Music interlude: Lusophone gig (14.30 – 14.45)

The Lusophone world of music. A program coordinated by SPAutores, Portugal. video

Exclusive conversation: changing content landscape for film (14.45 – 15.30)

With the rise of streaming services, are we witnessing a shift from movie theaters to home entertainment? How will the audiovisual industry ecosystem react to the fierce competition among more and more media platforms and to the worldwide race in specialization and diversification? Who will produce tomorrow’s hit movies and series?

Moderator and panelists

Moderator: Natalia Reiter
Journalist, Geneva, Switzerland
Erick Bretas
CEO, Globo Play, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Madhu Varma Mantena
Film Producer and Distributor, Mumbai, India
Orsi Nagypal
Film Director and Screenwriter, Budapest

Video insights and testimonies

Day two – Thursday, September 17, 2020

12.40 Conference goes online: Video insights and testimonies

Session 2 – Authors and artists in an evolving value chain (13.00 – 14.25)

A series of questions have arisen with the diversification of formats and channels (video sharing networks, playlists, podcasts, webzines, eBooks) in all creative fields with a direct impact for creators, including the relationship with publishers, producers, platforms and distributors, the attraction of self-production, self-publishing, and the self-management of their rights. How can the globalization of markets and audiences translate into financial rewards for authors and artists?

Moderator and panelists

Moderator: Amobé Mévégué
Journalist, France 24, Paris
Yvonne Chaka Chaka
Creator and Performer, Johannesburg, South Africa
Crispin Hunt
Performer, London
Miranda Mulholland
Artist, President of Roaring Girl Records, and Music Festival Founder, Toronto, Canada
Khadja Nin
Singer, Gitega, Burundi
Björn Ulvaeus
Member of ABBA, Co-Founder, Music Rights Awareness Foundation, Sweden

Video insights and testimonies

Creative design interlude: African fashion (14.25 – 14.35)

A program coordinated by Ms. Nozipho Tshabalala, CNBC Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa video

Exclusive conversation: the global online art market (14.35 – 15.20)

The impact of digital technologies is also increasing rapidly in the visual art sector, for everything from production to distribution. The rapid rise of art e-commerce and online auction markets has the potential to enable artists to engage in cross-border trade. What are the conditions and safeguards for this sector to fully benefit from these new trends?

Moderator and panelists

Moderator: Natalia Reiter
Journalist, Geneva, Switzerland
Soly Cissé
Visual Artist, Dakar
Olivier Masmonteil
Visual Artist, Paris
Sylvain Gaillard
Director, Opera Gallery Dubai, Dubai, UAE
Cécile Verdier
President, Christie’s, Paris

Day three – Friday, September 18, 2020

12.40 Conference goes online: Video insights and testimonies

Session 3 – Rights management and infrastructure solutions: driving the future of GDCM (13.00 – 14.15)

As music and other creative content is increasingly consumed online, effective cross-border rights data and money flows are intrinsic to a functioning Global Digital Content Market. Focusing on music, the panel will debate whether centralized or decentralized authoritative rights management databases are most suited to making sure creators around the world get paid for the use of their songs and recordings, and provide views on the continuing evolution of the global rights management infrastructure in the years to come.

Moderator and panelists

Moderator: Amobé Mévégué
Journalist, France 24, Paris
Alisa Coleman
Board Chair, Mechanical Licensing Collective Inc. and COO, ABKCO Music & Records, Inc., New York, USA
Niclas Molinder
Co-Founder and CEO, Session, Stockholm
Guillermo Ocampo
CEO, Latin Autor, Montevideo
Talal Shamoon
CEO, InterTrust, San Francisco, USA

Video insights and testimonies

Session 4 – AI lab: how AI is transforming creative industries (14.15 – 15.30)

The impact of AI on creation, production, and consumption of creative content has yet to be fully explored. How can AI be of use in the creative industries, and how does it empower individual artists? Is AI creating opportunities to enhance the user’s experience, or will it erode consumers’ trust in what they see or hear?

Moderator and panelists

Moderator: Natalia Reiter
Journalist, Geneva, Switzerland
Timur Bekmambetov
Film Producer, Moscow
Youngsuk ‘YS’ Chi
Chairman, Elsevier, New York, USA
Ahmed Elgammal
Director, Art and Artificial Laboratory Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

Closing (15.30 – 15.40)

Surprise guest: Baaba Maal, Singer, Senegal