WIPO Conference on the Global Digital Content Market

April 20 – 22, 2016 (Geneva, Switzerland)

The creative content economy has seen radical change to access and business models for more than a decade. The tensions between increased access and a sustainable economic value chain were the essence of this conference, which explored:

  • copyright in the digital age
  • the impact of the digital environment on creators
  • the role for publishers, producers and distribution platforms
  • digital markets, access, and participation

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The conference featured sessions on music, film, broadcasting and publishing, as well as collective management and emerging models and markets.

WIPO DG roundup of Global Digital Content Market.  More news and views on YouTube.

Welcome address

Francis Gurry

WIPO Director General
DG opens Conference video (YouTube)

Keynote address

Jaron Lanier

Video: Keynote speech video (YouTube)


Shaili Chopra

TV Anchor


Mishal Husain

Broadcast Journalist

Music – from vinyl to streaming

The music industry is in a state of flux as it continues to adapt to the digital era. While the digital market is becoming increasingly sophisticated, increases in digital sales have yet to compensate for the decline in sales of physical formats. This is shifting the value chain, changing the career paths of artists and introducing new players into the music industry.

  • Panel moderated by Mishal Husain

Panelist interviews (YouTube)


Edgar Berger

Sony Music Entertainment

Luis Cobos

Conductor, composer

Imogen Heap


Christopher Tin


Tammy Weis



Film – sustaining the film industry in the digital environment

The global film industry is undergoing transformation as traditional distribution channels - such as cinema - continue to expand in some markets while others see a shift to new digital delivery platforms. This is accompanied by a shift in the value chain as digital lowers costs, disrupts traditional business strategies and introduces new opportunities for smaller players.

  • Panel moderated by Shaili Chopra

Panelist interviews (YouTube)


Bobby Bedi


Oreka Godis


Nikita Mikhalkov

Actor and Director

Uloma K. Onuma


Esperanza Silva


Yang Xianghua



Broadcasting – new models for connection with the audience

Television and radio broadcasting are undergoing profound changes as we move to a multi device and mobile world.

  • Panel moderated by Mishal Husain

Panelist interviews (YouTube)


Shaili Chopra

TV Anchor

Ritu Kapur

Quintillion Media Pvt. Ltd

Dima Khatib


Naja Nielsen

Danish Broadcast Corporation

Publishing – the codex in the digital age

As in other content industries, the delivery, production and consumption models for publishing are changing.   Emerging technologies are driving new business models.

  • Panel moderated by Shaili Chopra

Panelist interviews (YouTube)


YoungSuk ‘YS’ Chi


Trasvin Jittidecharak

Silkworm Books

John Makinson

Penguin Random House

Federico Polak


Digital architecture – The soft infrastructure of the global market

How do consumers get permission to use creative works?  How do rights get exchanged and traded?  How does the market function? Linking content and rights registries are issues being explored by the market.  Collective management organizations are being challenged to create new digital products to remain relevant.  Much of this architecture is invisible to consumers, and even creators, but plays a key role in maintaining the economic value chain. 

  • Panel moderated by Mishal Husain

Panelist interviews (YouTube)


Angela Mills Wade

European Publishers Council

Dominic Young

Copyright Hub



Tracey Armstrong

Copyright Clearance Centre

Richard Hooper

Copyright Hub

Elton Yeung

Composers & Authors Society of Hong Kong


Opportunities and challenges – Markets, Policy and Diplomacy

Having showcased new digital models and having heard of the challenges faced by creators and producers, what are the implications for market and policy makers?

  • Panel moderated by Shaili Chopra

Panelist interviews (YouTube)

Keynote speaker

Senator Christopher Dodd

Motion Picture Association of America



Clément Épié

Entrepreneur / Researcher and Co-Founder of Cellabz

Guilherme Felitti

Digital Journalist

Larry Madowo

Digital Journalist