Jean Bergevin  

Jean Bergevin

Head of Unit

Jean Bergevin was born and educated in the UK. He graduated with a BA in Economics and French in 1981. His post-graduate qualifications consist of a MA in Economics and a PhD on the Economic Analysis of the industrial market for electricity in the UK.

In 1986 he was recruited to IEA Coal Research as an economist to study the international industrial market for coal.

In 1988 he was recruited as an economic adviser at the DTI (UK Department of Trade and Industry) where he worked in a Market Assessment Unit covering numerous heavy industries and notably the steel and chemicals sectors.

In 1989 he joined the European Commission as a policy officer in the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs where he was involved in the analysis of firms’ strategies in the Internal Market. He also acted as this Directorate General's contact point for Competition policy and worked closely with the team who established the Merger Task Force in DG Competition.

Since October 1991 he has been working in the Directorate General for the Internal Market and Services (DG MARKT). He was a member of policy Units dealing with media, commercial communication, e-commerce and services in the Internal Market between 1991 and 2004. He was involved with the preparation of the Commission Green Paper on commercial communications in the Internal Market in 1996, the 1998 Commission Communication on this same issue and the Commission Proposal for a Regulation on Sales Promotion adopted in 2001.

In June 2004 he was appointed as the Head of Unit of DG MARKT E-2 (Retail and Information Services). This Unit was responsible for applying Internal Market law to distributive trade services, commercial communication services, media services, technical testing/accreditation services and gambling services. It was also responsible for the e-commerce and conditional access directives and for the evaluation of notifications of new national information society rules falling under directive 98/34. The Unit prepared the Commission's second implementation Report on the Conditional Access directive in 2008, the Commission's Retail Market Monitoring report in 2010 and the Commission Green paper on on-line gambling services in 2011.

In April, 2011 he was appointed to his current position as the Head of Unit of MARKT D3 (Fight against Counterfeiting and Piracy). This Unit is responsible for the application of Directive 2004/98/EC on the enforcement of IPR and the review of that text foreseen in 2012. It is negotiating the proposed Regulation of the Commission to establish the Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy within OHIM and is developing stakeholder dialogues seeking to establish agreements to improve IPR enforcement such as the MoU on the sale of counterfeit goods that was signed in Brussels in May 2011. The Unit is also involved in preparatory work on improving the enforcement of trade secrets and against lookalikes in the EU.