Wim van der Eijk

Vice-President Legal and International Affairs
European Patent Organisation

Mr. Wim van der Eijk is since 1 January 2010 Vice-President Legal and International Affairs until 31.12.2010. Since 1 January 2010 he also is Principal Director Patent Law and International Affairs, the position in which he started his career at the EPO in 2005. In 2009 he was acting Vice-President Legal and International Affairs and from March to December 2009 Principal Director European and International Affairs. Before joining the EPO he was manager of the Patent Division and chief legal officer of the Netherlands Patent Office. He also worked in the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands in a variety of legal posts. Mr. van der Eijk was chairman of the Patent Law Committee of the European Patent Organisation and chairman of a working group that drafted the European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA). He assisted as a honorary judge the District Court of The Hague in dealing with patent cases.