Alicja Adamczak

President, Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw

Born on July 14, 1949, in Dwikozy, Poland.

Graduated from the Law and Administration Faculty of the University of Warsaw, where, in 1996, she defended her doctoral thesis on “The Role of a Patent Agent in Processing of a Patent”.

She also has had a judge training. Mrs. Adamczak is a patent attorney, a legal advisor and a researcher at the Technical University in Kielce. During two terms of office, she has acted as President of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys and, at the same time as Chairwoman of the National Council of Patent Attorneys. She has co-organized the Council of Patent Attorneys of High Schools and initiated the establishment of the Forum of the Polish Community under the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys.

She has participated in legislative work on the bills of the Act “Industrial Property Law,” as well as of the law on patent attorneys.

She is a member of many national and international organizations and associations, engaged in the protection of intellectual and industrial property.

She is the author of many publications in this field. For many years she has been an Editor-in-Chief of a quarterly “A Patent Attorney.” She is also a trainer in the Polish Scouting Association. She has been decorated for her professional and social activity with the Officer’s Cross and with the award of honor “Merits for Inventive Activities.”

She has been appointed to the post of the President of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland on July 1, 2002.

Her husband is Professor, Dean of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University in Kielce. Her son is a post-graduate student.