Understand and use WAI-ARIA

Overview and objectives

This full day technical course introduces the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) specification. ARIA improves the accessibility of script heavy websites and web applications for assistive technology users. Learn about the problems ARIA sets out to solve, how it solves them and how to start using it.

This training course highlights the accessibility problems caused by JavaScript widgets and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) interactions. The ARIA markup that can be added to solve these problems will be introduced and you'll see example widgets both with and without ARIA markup to see and hear the differences between them. Issues around keyboard accessibility and browser / screen reader support are also covered.

  • Suitable for: web developers and programmers. Key stakeholders in the build of websites who already have a good understanding of accessible web design.
  • Pre-requisites: a sound knowledge of (X)HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Aspects include:

  • JavaScript Widgets and AJAX - what are the accessibility problems?
  • ARIA Markup - an overview of the ARIA specification and the new attributes that can be added to markup to improve accessibility.
  • ARIA Tools - learn about some of the tools available to help you investigate and test ARIA implementations.
  • Live Examples - see example widgets being read through a screen reader both with and without ARIA markup to see and hear the difference between them.
  • The future for ARIA - learn about where ARIA currently is and how support is coming along in browsers, assistive technologies and popular JavaScript frameworks.


Participants will:

  • Understand what new accessibility problems are caused by JavaScript widgets and AJAX interactions.
  • Learn what new attributes ARIA makes available for use to increase the accessibility of widgets and applications that make use of AJAX.
  • Find out what ARIA testing tools are available and how to use them.
  • Experience the difference ARIA markup can make to the accessibility of JavaScript widgets and AJAX interactions.
  • Gain the knowledge necessary to plan ahead for implementing ARIA when it becomes fully supported.