Phil Archer

Training Lead, W3C Mobile Web Initiative
Based in Ipswich, UK

Phil Archer will speak at the Joint WIPO-ITU Workshop on February 2, 2010

Phil Archer leads the training effort around the W3C's Mobile Web Initiative. A member of the Mobile Web Best practices Working Group since its foundation in June 2006, he helped to distil a wide range of knowledge and opinion to offer Web developers guidance on what works and what doesn't when delivering Web content through mobile devices.

Other Web-related interests include the Semantic Web and online safety, a field in which Phil Archer worked for many years before joining the W3C Team in February 2009. As a consequence, he has a broad knowledge of metadata and rating systems, and lead the development of POWDER – a Semantic Web technology for applying things like trustmarks and conformance claims to websites. Going back even further he has worked in advertising, radio, and education.