Helenara Braga Avancini

Faculdade Cenecista de Osório, Porto Alegre

Helenara Avancini has a degree in law from UNISINOS - RS, Brazil, and a PhD from the Catholic University in Porto Alegre. Her thesis is about applying concurrent law to intellectual property issues.

She is a member of the research group PRISMAS (Civil Law), and a professor at a Faculty of Law in Osorio-RS, Brazil, where she is currently responsible for the classes introduction to law, and copyright law.

She is also an invited professor at UNISINOS, IDC, and FAAP, where she teaches copyright. During her career she has published more than 15 papers in law journals, and books and has been invited to innumerous conferences in Brazil and Latin America. In addition to her academic career she is also an attorney at one of the most important intellectual property offices in the Rio Grande do Sul state, she is also an industrial property agent, and member of the board of the section on intellectual property from the Brazilian Law Association. She was also a consultant for UNESCO for copyright issues, and was invited by the Brazilian government (Ministry of Culture) to participate in the small group that produced the new Brazilian Copyright Law that is currently under public scrutiny.