Philip Noonan

Director General
IP Australia


Philip Noonan is the Director General of IP Australia, the Australian Government agency which administers the legislation relating to patents, trademarks, designs and plant breeders rights.

Since he took up his position in 2008, IP Australia has commenced consultation on a wide-ranging set of proposals to amend Australia's patent legislation, to bring Australian standards for patentability closer to those which prevail in our major technology trading partners. He has also taken action to arrest and begin to reverse Australia's large backlog of unprocessed patent applications - a problem which afflicts the patent system globally. At the same time, he is implementing a new quality assurance program within IP Australia, with the objective of raising the quality of examination in patents and trademarks,

Prior to joining IP Australia, Philip held a number of policy and management positions in the Australian Government's Attorney-General's Department and Innovation Department. Philip has degrees in Science and Law.