Meir Noam

Israeli Patent Office


Meir Noam (born in 1947) is a native of Jerusalem. He received his first, second and third degrees in chemistry from Hebrew University and then decided to enter the unique field of patents, which combines science and law. To do so, he studied law in Hebrew University and during that time, worked as a chemistry patent examiner in the Patent Office and then as a consultant to the government offices.

At the same time, Noam studied for the licensing exams and received the Patent Attorney license. After receiving his Attorney License in 1987, Noam retired from civil service and opened a law office. Most of his work involved providing patent and industrial property consultation services, preparing patents, and representing clients in courts and before the Patent Office in proceedings related to patents and trademarks. For approximately fifteen years, Noam worked in the private field. In 2003, he returned to public service in the Patent Office, serving as Patent Commissioner and as Head of the Israeli Patent Office: positions that he continues to hold today.