Jan Modin

Pateny Attorney

Noréns Patentbyrå AB, Stockholm 

Jan is a patent attorney, representing Swedish and international clients in preparing and prosecuting patent applications all over the world. Jan has a M. Sc. Degree in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University and has been a partner of Ehrner and Delmar Patentbyrå AB (previously Axel Ehrners Patentbyrå AB), Stockholm, being the Managing director 1975 – 2006 and Chairman of the Board 1975 - 2009. He is now a partner of Noréns Patentbyrå AB, Stockholm.

He has served on the board of the Association of Swedish Patent Attorneys, and as President of the Association 2004-2005. He was recently an Epi Council member, and has been active in the International Federation of Patent Attorneys, FICPI, for almost 20 years, serving as Executive Committee delegate from Sweden, as Chair of the Work and Study Commission Group on International Patent Issues, as Vice President of FICPI 2006-2009, and presently as Special Reporter on International Patent Issues.


Jan has represented FICPI as observer at many WIPO meetings on PLT, SPLT and PCT Reform and has made presentations at various meetings organised by FICPI, some of them jointly with AIPLA.

He has lectured at the Swedish IP Academy, International Patent Law, since 2007, and also served as Program Manager of FICPI Symposia in Beijing 2007, Yokohama 2008 and New Delhi 2009