Colloquium on Selected Patent Issues: Speakers (Mr. Cornelis Kees Schüller)

Mr. Cornelis Kees Schüller

Mr. Cornelis Kees SCHÜLLER

Group Head of Patents, Intellectual Property Department, Nestec SA, Vevey, Switzerland

Kees Schüller is the Group Head of Patents and an Assistant Vice-President of Nestlé SA based at their international headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. He has held this role since October 2005 and reports to Nestlé's General Counsel IP.

Prior to working for Nestlé, Kees was Director IP to Innogenetics (Ghent, Belgium), a biopharmaceutical company specialising in the development of diagnostic kits for infectious diseases (HCV, HBV, HPV, HIV) and neurodegeneration and in the development of therapeutic vaccines (HCV and HBV). Before that he was with Eridania Béghin-Say (Vilvoorde, Belgium), the agro-industrial part of the Montedison group where he was managing the patents, trademarks and R&D agreements for the group, which included such divers companies as Cerestar (starch), Béghin-Say (sugar), Provimi (animal feed), Central Soya (soya) and Cereol (olive oil, condiments and spices).

Kees is a European and Dutch patent attorney, who is also registered to act before the OHIM (community trademarks) in Alicante. He received his training at Gist-brocades (Delft, the Netherlands) while working on the molecular biological patent portfolio.

He is a chemist by training with a master’s degree in both biochemistry and chemical engineering. He also holds a PhD.