Mr. Bendik Hofseth

Mr. Hofseth is Chairman of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers’ (CISAC) International Council of Authors and Composers of Music (CIAM) since 2007. He is professor of music at University of Agder, Norway. He is a composer, saxophonist and singer and has released several CD’s, the latest being “Itaka” in 2006. He has performed extensively around the world in different settings, different chamber and symphonic orchestra. He has written several commissioned pieces for different ensembles and has done many scores for feature films, theatre and TV. He is active on the board of Norwegian copyright societies TONO and NcB. He is also the chairman of NOPA (Norwegian Composers and Lyricists), Phonofile (on-line distribution), Artspages (internet technologies) and By:Larm (festival/seminars).