Lilian Edwards

AHRB Research Centre in Intellectual Property and Technology
Faculty of Law
University of Edinburgh

Although I have active research and teaching interests in IT law, AI and law and (slightly bizarrely) family law, since about 1996 my major concern has been the substantive law relating to computers and e-commerce, with a European and comparative focus. My research has centred on Internet content (pornography, libel, spam, etc); intermediary/ISP liability on the Internet; jurisdiction and other issues of international private law on the Internet; privacy on-line; and consumer protection on line. I have co-edited two collections on Law and the Internet (Hart Publishing, 1997 and 2000) ( with Charlotte Waelde), and am currently solo editing my third collection of essays on e-commerce law for Hart. I intend next to write a monograph on on-line privacy and to contribute a major piece on privacy on line to the Modern Law Review.

In 1999, a centre called SCRIPT (the Scottish Centre for Research into Intellectual Property and Technology) was formed by myself and three colleagues at Edinburgh to co-ordinate our IT and IP endeavours In 2001, SCRIPT was awarded an £850,000 grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Board to become an AHRB Centre for IT and IP Law, sadly with the loss of the acronym. We are now engaged in fulfilling a five year timetable of work and I am in charge of two major research streams, one on Implementation of E Commerce Legislation in Europe, and a second on Privacy and Freedom of Expression on-Line. I am also in charge of our IT and the Law Hons and LLM classes, the latter of which attracts 30-40 PGs per year, mainly from the EC and the Far East. I am Book Reviews Editor for the International Journal of Law and Information Technology (OUP) and I will be on sabbatical at Berkeley by the time I reach the Stanford workshop, for which I am exceedingly thankful.