WIPO Seminar on Copyright and Internet Intermediaries

Geneva, April 18, 2005


The Seminar

The management of intellectual property in the online environment poses significant opportunities as well as challenges, and raises high stakes as the value of online transactions, both authorized and unauthorized, increases. Internet intermediaries, as providers of services that enable these transactions to occur, are at the center of global debate involving complex policy, legal and business issues.

The WIPO Copyright and Related Rights Sector held a Seminar on Copyright and Internet Intermediaries in Geneva on April 18, 2005, to help obtain a better understanding of these issues.

The Seminar was designed to provide a forum for discussion among international experts and business leaders, academics, government delegates and policy makers. Key speakers, with audience participation, addressed various ways to approach issues relating to copyright liability of those who act as online intermediaries: which may include Internet service providers (ISPs), providers of file-sharing services, auction sites and portals.

Seminar presentations and background papers are available for download via links on the program.