WIPO Depository Library Program

Terms and conditions

  • WIPO agrees to supply [Library/Entity] with one copy of all unrestricted WIPO publications issued including books, reports, and periodicals, in addition to electronic materials (CDs, DVDs, etc.), hereinafter referred to as “WIPO Publications”, as they get published and available to the public.
  • WIPO agrees to supply the above-mentioned WIPO publications free-of-charge, including mail charges, but excluding any internal tax, duties or any charge established by the [Country] legislation or authorities.
  • If WIPO budgetary availabilities so permit, WIPO may provide [Library/Entity] with additional number of copies of the WIPO publications, on request.
  • [Library/Entity] ensures that WIPO publications are kept and classified according to the main topics.
  • [Library/Entity] agrees to maintain all books, reports, series, periodicals, and promotional materials received from WIPO in good condition. [Library/Entity] also agrees to catalog and include all books, reference materials, and periodicals in the library catalog (if applicable). They will be available and easily accessed to all users of the library free of charge during library opening hours.
  • New publications received by [Library/Entity] from WIPO will be exhibited on the “New Arrival” counters in a timely manner.
  • [Library/Entity] ensures that no WIPO publications supplied are to be sold or leased with commercial purposes.
  • This cooperation shall be effective on the date of the acceptation for a period of two years to be renewed automatically, unless WIPO or [Library] sends a written notification with its request for termination, one month prior to its expiry.