Meet our Interns

Photo of Alexandra, WIPO Office in the Russian Federation (WRO)
(Photo: WIPO)

It’s the dream of every student studying intellectual property (IP) to be involved in the work of the main international organization dealing with the topic. Interning at WIPO gave me precisely this opportunity.

As a master’s student studying strategic intellectual property management, it was very exciting to be a part of such a friendly and professional team and to get a look at how this UN specialized agency works. I hope to use the knowledge I’ve developed of global best practices in IP management to help organizations I work for in the future to make efficient choices and avoid costly mistakes.

The WIPO Office in the Russian Federation is still rather new, so it was a unique challenge for me to participate in the burgeoning development of cooperation between Russia and WIPO. I hope this interesting experience will help me in my future career.

Alexandra, WIPO Office in the Russian Federation (WRO)
Photo of Amri, Communications Division
(Photo: WIPO)

Contributing to international cooperation through communication has always been a career dream for me. During my internship at WIPO, I had the opportunity to use social media – collaborating with IP offices and associations worldwide – to raise public awareness about the role that IP rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity. WIPO also gave me the chance to help review its social media strategy, which has deepened my knowledge of the global digital communication landscape and improved my analytical skills in assessing social media performance.

All in all, working at this UN specialized agency has been an invaluable experience. I was able to work on multiple high-level communication projects in a multicultural environment. Perhaps most importantly though, my duties went beyond merely carrying out administrative tasks: I was able to make tangible contributions to really significant projects.

Amri, Communications Division
Photo of Arabella, Conferences Section
(Photo: WIPO)

After graduating with a degree in Russian and French I decided that I wanted to explore my interest in intellectual property (IP). Happily, despite the fact that I hadn’t done a law degree, WIPO accommodated me in the Conference Section. This has allowed me to gain a firsthand insight into key issues surrounding the worldwide application of IP, as I have been able to follow the conferences as well as helping to organize them.

Every day has been different here; I have been exposed to both the internal workings of the agency and the logistics of arranging large-scale events with hundreds of delegates. I have enjoyed my time in such a diverse workplace and the chance to use my languages.

My WIPO internship has given me the wonderful opportunity to develop my knowledge of IP and to experience working at an international organization while using the skills and qualifications I already had. The vast amount I have learned here will be invaluable in the next stages of my career.

Arabella, Conference Section
Photo of Brunella, Department of Program Planning and Finance
(Photo: WIPO)

I’m a graduate in international relations and economics. I heard about WIPO both at school and during my previous internship experience in international trade.

Though I don’t have a background in IP law, I regularly checked the WIPO website and realized that there are many opportunities for non-IP specialists. Indeed, IP is becoming more and more important in international trade so I applied for an internship at WIPO. Now I am supporting a multicultural and professional team in the Program Planning and Finance Department, Administration and Management Sector.

I am very happy to have the opportunity to learn about risk management, financial regulation/rules, internal controls and project management within a global organization like WIPO and to develop important knowledge and skills for my future career.

Brunella, Department of Program Planning and Finance
Photo of Chiara, WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (AMC)
(Photo: WIPO)

My internship at the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (AMC) has proved to be a tremendously positive experience and an excellent starting point for my international legal career.

Coming from a civil law background, this experience has opened my eyes to the global possibilities for today's lawyers and has allowed me to gain a unique perspective on the management of international IP mediation and arbitration cases.

From day one I’ve been involved in the case management undertaken by the AMC. Not only that, but I’ve benefitted from the guidance and support of a dynamic group of outstanding professionals. I would recommend applying for an internship at WIPO to anyone with an interest in key international issues such as IP.

Chiara, WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (AMC)
Photo of Cristopher, Ethics Office
(Photo: WIPO)

After obtaining my Master of Law, I specialized in trademarks at one of Italy’s leading IP law firms. As WIPO is a reference point for standards, especially with respect to the Madrid System, I applied for an internship with the aim of learning more from within this UN specialized agency.

I was selected for a position in the Ethics Office and I am contributing to WIPO’s training and awareness building activities. At the same time, I am gaining further understanding of international institutional law, IP enforcement, traditional knowledge, domain name dispute resolution and multilateral diplomacy.

Interning at WIPO has proved a valuable experience for my LLM studies and for my future career in general. I can recommend an internship at WIPO to anyone who is multilingual, has a solid academic background and interest in international aspects of IP.

Cristopher, WIPO Ethics Office
Photo of Ghazaleh, WIPO Coordination Office in New York
(Photo: WIPO)

Taking part in an internship at WIPO’s Coordination Office in New York has broadened my understanding of how international organizations work in the real world.

Thanks to being given the opportunity to attend meetings and events at UN Headquarters, I was able to see the actual rules and procedures in practice.

That’s why I believe my internship was an eye-opening experience and it has opened the door to developing new skills, very different to those that I acquired in the academic world.

Ghazaleh, WIPO Coordination Office in New York
Photo of Jérôme, Trademark Law Section
(Photo: WIPO)

While I was in law school studying IP law, I heard about WIPO regularly. All that I learned about the Organization back then triggered my curiosity and made me want to know how it is to work in an international environment, dealing with many member states and to play an active part in something of global significance.

A WIPO internship gave me that opportunity by allowing me, among other things, to contribute to drafting trademark regulations for a country.

It has not only been a rewarding experience, both in professional and personal terms, but also an invaluable opportunity to network with the most knowledgeable people in the field.

Jérôme, Trademark Law Section
Photo of Santiago, Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean
(Photo: WIPO)

Working as an intern at WIPO has been an enriching and fulfilling experience. The team in the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean has been welcoming, warm and friendly, providing me with valuable work.

Even though my background is in business and international management, not IP law, there’s been plenty for me to do and I’ve been able to expand my knowledge to encompass new fields.

Dealing with multiple stakeholders on large-scale projects has allowed me to network, meet interesting people, and gain valued experience whilst also satisfying my professional interests.

Santiago, Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean
Photo of Shanji, Global Challenges Division
(Photo: WIPO)

As a PhD student at Kyoto University and a specialist in organic chemistry, I aspire to contribute to human health and technology transfer. Interning with WIPO’s Global Challenges Division has helped me to gain a new perspective on addressing complex global health and climate change issues, with intellectual property as a starting point.

The experience has been really beneficial and I’ve been able to develop productive working relationships with an outstanding team, whilst also improving the professional skills needed to take my career to the next level.

Shanji, Global Challenges Division
Photo of Ying, Human Resources Management Department (HRMD)
(Photo: WIPO)

I majored in international administration and worked as an intern in WIPO’s Human Resources Management Department (HRMD). Interning at WIPO not only opened up new career prospects, but also helped me translate my academic knowledge into practical solutions.

Moreover, working in HRMD has brought me closer to the secret of WIPO’s success: professionalism, diversity and teamwork.It’s a great experience and I can only recommend it.

Ying, Human Resources Management Department (HRMD)