WIPO Methodology and Tools for the Development of National IP Strategies

Development Agenda project on Improvement of National, Sub-regional and Regional Institutional User Capacity

In light of the need for a harmonized and integrated approach in guiding national undertakings for the formulation of intellectual property (IP) strategies, Development Agenda Project DA_10_05 was mandated to produce a standard, yet flexible, methodology to be validated in a pilot process in six countries.

The project has now been completed in all six countries--Algeria, Dominican Republic, Mali, Moldova, Mongolia and Tanzania--and produced a number of important outputs, including, in particular, a set of tools and mechanisms to assist interested countries in formulating IP strategies which are aligned with national development priorities. The project has also resulted in the successful completion of national IP strategies in the six countries, each through unique national processes of consultation and policy formulation in line with national development goals.

The methodology, developed, tested and consolidated on the basis of feedback from the pilot countries, includes a thorough research and IP audit phase and a national consultation process during which stakeholders are invited to review, discuss and consolidate the draft IP strategy framework, with a view to presenting the final strategy to the government for adoption.