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Title: Purchase Preference and View: The Case of Counterfeit Goods
Author: T Ramayah, Jasmine Yeap Ai Leen and Nabsiah Abdul Wahid [Universiti Sains Malaysia]

UBM Conference Proceedings

Year: 2002


Subject/Type: Counterfeiting, Piracy
Focus: Apparel and Shoes, Books, Brands (non-deceptive counterfeits), Consumer Electronics / Electronic Equipment, Fashion Accessories, Film, Medicines and Medical Devices, Music, Personal Care Products, Software, Toys, Watches
Country/Territory: Malaysia
Objective: To examine consumer perceptions of counterfeit goods and their buying behaviour.
Sample: 185 consumers (aged 15-50) of counterfeit goods
Methodology: Personally administered questionnaire distributed to a convenience sample

Main Findings

The top three counterfeit items purchased by Malaysian consumers are movie VCDs, music CDs and cassettes, and literature. Consumers are wiling to sacrifice quality for price when purchasing pirated movies and music. More educated consumers were more likely to purchase pirated books and software, despite the fact that they showed the highest awareness of the risks involved (illegal activity and no warranty). Higher income consumers were frequent buyers of counterfeit leather accessories, films, music and software.

The authors suggest increasing the respect of intellectual property rights through media campaigns and classroom education starting as early as in elementary school.

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