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Title: Printed Versus Internet Plagiarism: A Study of Students' Perception
Author: Shifra Baruchson-Arbib and Eti Yaari [Bar-Ilan University]

International Journal of Information Ethics 1, no. 1: 29-35

Year: 2004


Subject/Type: Plagiarism
Focus: Books, Internet Sources
Country/Territory: Israel
Objective: To explore whether students perceive plagiarism from Internet sources differently than plagiarism from printed sources.
Sample: 154 undergraduate and 130 graduate students (randomly selected from the Faculties of Social Sciences and Humanities)
Methodology: Anonymous questionnaires distributed during class time

Main Findings

Found poor knowledge of the accepted rules of citation, in particular with regard to online sources. Plagiarism from Internet sources was perceived as less dishonest than similar plagiarism from printed sources. This could be explained by the common opinion among students that information on the Internet is in the public domain, as well as by the confusion as to how to cite Internet sources.

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