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Title: Les Français et le Téléchargement Illégal sur Internet
Author: [TNS Sofres], [Logica]


Year: 2009


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Film, Music, Video Games
Country/Territory: France
Objective: To examine the extent of Internet piracy in France.
Sample: 1.000 nationally representative adults
Methodology: In-home, face-to-face interviews

Main Findings

29% of French Internet users have illegally downloaded music, films, TV series and/or video games. Music is most often pirated (with 27% of Internet users admitting to having illegally downloaded music), followed by films (19%), TV series (8%) and video games (6%).

8% of Internet users have never illegally downloaded, but have used illegally downloaded content. 62% report neither having illegally downloaded from the Internet, nor having used illegally downloaded content.

Respondents using the Internet daily were most likely to download illegally. The study also found that the incidence of online piracy decreases with age.

[Date Added: Apr 9, 2009 ]