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Title: Consumer Survey - Watch Sector
Author: [Ledbury Research]

Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG)

Year: 2007


Subject/Type: Counterfeiting
Focus: Brands (deceptive counterfeits), Brands (non-deceptive counterfeits), Watches
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To understand the demographics, spending patterns and attitudes of consumers buying counterfeit watches.
Sample: 1.003 representative UK adults aged 16+
Methodology: Online survey via e-mail invitation

Main Findings

11% of UK consumers admitted to having bought a fake watch during the past three years. 5% reported having done so in the past year (2006). 25% would consider buying fake watches in the future. Over a quarter of consumers may have unknowingly bought a fake.

Overall, counterfeit watch buyers are more likely to live in the North of England, to have higher incomes, and/or to be slightly younger than the population as a whole. Both men and women purchased fake watches mainly for themselves/others of their own gender.

Had the fake they had purchased been unavailable, 39% of fake buyers would not have bought anything, 27% would have bought a genuine alternative, and 33% would have bought another fake item.

Over half the respondents reported buying all their counterfeit watches abroad, with Spain and Turkey dominating the fake watch market outside the UK.

[Date Added: Nov 20, 2008 ]