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Title: Innovation in New Zealand: 2007
Author: [Statistics New Zealand]



Year: 2008


Subject/Type: IP Protection
Focus: Commercialisation
Country/Territory: New Zealand
Objective: To find out if and how innovating New Zealandian businesses protect their intellectual property.
Sample: 5.728 businesses
Methodology: Postal survey

Main Findings

During the last two financial years, as at August 2007, 59% of innovating businesses used at least one formal or informal method of intellectual property (IP) protection. 32% of non-innovators reported using at least one method to protect their IP. The larger a firm the more likely it was to protect its IP. The percentage of businesses choosing to protect their IP was highest in wholesale trade and manufacturing (with 25% and 23% respectively), and lowest in the agriculture/forestry/fishing sector (8%).

The most often used formal methods of IP protection were trademarks (used by 29% of innovating businesses), copyright (17%), patents (15%) and registrations of design (9%).

Informal IP protection methods used were confidentiality agreements (used by 38% of innovating businesses), secrecy and reaching the market first (15% each), and complexity of product design (8%).

[Date Added: Nov 20, 2008 ]