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Title: Intellectual Property Awareness Survey 2015
Author: [Intellectual Property Office]


Year: 2016


Subject/Type: IP Knowledge, IP Protection
Focus: Copyright, Enforcement, Inventions, Patents
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To give an indication of the state of IP awareness in the UK across all sizes of firm and all sectors of industry
Sample: 502 businesses of all sizes and sectors
Methodology: E-mail survey

Main Findings

This survey examined the level of intellectual property (IP) knowledge of businesses as well as their IP management and sources from where they obtain IP advice.

Virtually all respondents (94%) thought it was important for businesses to understand how to protect their IP, while 52% of firms reported having protected at least one IP right. Over nine in ten firms have not valued their IP.

80% of surveyed businesses were unfamiliar with disclosure practices regarding new inventions, while 60% knew about automaticity of copyright protection in the UK.

38% of firms reported having asked for IP advice in the past. The top three sources of advice were external patent/trademark attorneys, external solicitors and the national Intellectual Property Office.

[Date Added: Feb 12, 2016 ]