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Title: India Fraud Survey Report 2008
Author: [KPMG Forensic]


Year: 2008


Subject/Type: Counterfeiting, IP Theft - General
Focus: Economic / Financial Impact
Country/Territory: India
Objective: To obtain an insight into the level of fraud awareness, trends and nature of fraud.
Sample: 1.000+ senior managers of India's largest organisations across public and private sectors
Methodology: Questionnaire

Main Findings

Senior Indian managers consider theft of intangible assets (intellectual property/information/data) the third most important fraud risk nowadays (2007; 40%), and the greatest one "in the next three years" (nearly 60%). Slightly over 20% indicate that counterfeiting is a great fraud risk both now (2007) and "in the next three years".

According to survey respondents, the greatest threat of intellectual property (IP) infringement comes from employees (37%), followed by outsiders (36%). Almost 80% of the respondents are not satisfied with what they are doing around controls/measures for protection of IP.

[Date Added: Oct 22, 2008 ]