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Title: Encuesta Sobre Piratería 2006
Author: Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor [Dirección General de Estudios sobre Consumo]


Year: 2006


Subject/Type: Counterfeiting, Piracy
Focus: Apparel and Shoes, Beverages, Books, Brands (deceptive counterfeits), Brands (non-deceptive counterfeits), Film, Medicines and Medical Devices, Music, Personal Care Products, Software, Toys, Video Games
Country/Territory: Mexico
Objective: To understand purchasing habits of those who buy pirated goods.
Sample: 1.425 adults in Mexico City
Methodology: Interviews

Main Findings

The 75% of respondents who have purchased pirated goods are mostly 18-47 year-old (77.5%) males (51.6%) with high school or university degrees (74.2%). Main reason for purchase is low price (71%); main reason not to purchase is poor quality. Most purchased pirated goods: music CDs (78.6%) and film DVDs (69.2%). Most people (68%) do not know how to identify fake medicines or beverages.

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