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Title: CULTURAL ATTITUDES TOWARDS PLAGIARISM: Developing a better understanding of the needs of students from diverse cultural backgrounds relating to issues of plagiarism
Author: Lucas Introna, Niall Hayes, Lynne Blair and Elspeth Wood [Lancaster University]

Plagiarism Advisory Service

Year: 2003


Subject/Type: Plagiarism
Focus: Books, Internet Sources
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To determine if there are significant cultural differences in students' interpretation of plagiarism.
Sample: 40 MSc ITMOC and 57 MSc Computing students for the questionnaire, and 25 MSc Management students for the focus groups
Methodology: Questionnaire followed by focus groups with students divided in four groups according to their nationality

Main Findings

Many students engaging in plagiarism do not intentionally attempt to commit fraud. Foreign students may plagiarise in an attempt to cope with unfamiliar pedagogical and writing practices and may not be familiar with the western notion of plagiarism.

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