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Title: Counterfeit Music CDs: Social and Personality Influences, Demographics, Attitudes and Purchase Intention: Some Insights from Malaysia
Author: Ramayah Thurasamy, Osman Mohamad, Muhamad Jantan and Jason Lee Wai Chow [Universiti Sains Malaysia], Syed Nasirin [Thames Valley University]

The Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Research Methods in Business and Management

Year: 2003


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Music
Country/Territory: Malaysia
Objective: To investigate the demand side of music piracy problem.
Sample: 142 consumers
Methodology: Questionnaire

Main Findings

Normatively susceptible consumers were less likely to view piracy favourably. The authors stipulate that this may be due to Confucian values and suggest that marketers could capitalise on the importance placed on opinions of family and friends and the potential loss of pride from being seen as someone not wiling to buy a genuine product.

It is suggested that this approach may be more effective than the use of celebrities to promote anti-piracy efforts. Personal gratification was not a significant predictor of attitude, which may explain the healthy demand for inferior counterfeit products. Perceived risks in buying a counterfeit CD were low due to the low price. Personal income, integrity and gender were found to be good predictors of attitude towards counterfeit CDs.

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